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Contests are for individuals. Challenges are for groups.

Click Here For Information On How To Enter #SolutionsForPollution and #SolutionsForClimateChange Contests and Challenges

Click  HERE  for a CleanEarth4Kids No Idling Presentation

Click HERE for a CleanEarth4Kids No Idling Presentation

Art Contest

Signs and Posters

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What are 2 ways we can protect orcas and other marine animals?
How does noise pollution effect orcas and other marine life?

Mural Challenge

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Songs, Raps and Poems Contest

Video Clip Contest

Comics and Adventure Story Contest

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Action Plans and Plans to Protect Oceans Contest


Click HERE for the CleanEarth4Kids Action Plan

Letters Contest

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Petitions and Resolutions Contest

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Click HERE for the Vista Unified No Idling Resolution

Click HERE for the Oceanside Unified No Idling Resolution

Articles and Essay Contest


Click HERE for a sample essay: Reasons Why School Districts Should Pass a No Idling Resolution

Pamphlet Contest

Planting or Growing Contest

Attending Clean Ups Contest

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Designs or Models: Refine and Explain or Evaluate Contest

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Proposals Contest

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Refine STEM Calculations Contest

How much pollution can be saved by using roundabouts instead of stop signs at intersections?
How do you figure it out?
Do you agree or disagree with the calculation? Yes or no and why.

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