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No Idling Resources for Schools

1. PowerPoint Presentations.   No Idling
Vehicle exhaust is toxic.  No Idling.  Please turn off your engine when parked to protect children’s health, public safety, air, water and non-toxic lands. 

2.  Contests and Challenges

3.  Pledge Forms and Handouts  Turn Engines Off Until It is Time To Drive

4.  Letters to Parents  Sample No Idling Policies

5.  Letters to Delivery Drivers  No Idling Policy

6.  Newsletters, Website Announcements   No Idling

7.  SignsCosts, Spreadsheet Examples.  *See Sign Design Contest and Sign Posting Challenges
Remember, children’s art can be placed on signs.  (Metal signs cost about $15.)

8.  Sign Logos  Turn Your Key, Be Idle Free- round logo for stickers, signs, documents, etc.

9.  School Board Resolutions and Policy Templates for schools, school boards, districts, cities.
Vista Unified School District No Idling Resolution Example
*Also see Safe Routes for Schools Program

10.  State Resolution- No Idling, California ACR- 160

11.  School Procedures Templates. Getting Started Template

12. CleanEarth4Kids School Club Bylaws and Constitution Template. CleanEarth4Kids sponsors school clubs. It is required that the CleanEarth4Kids board interviews proposed club sponsor and officers for approval.

EPA School Indoor Air Quality (iaq) Assessment Mobile App

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